How to activate your Android device’s network in the dark to help prevent malware and other attacks

Activating a phone’s network with a SIM card or WiFi passphrase will turn on the device’s radio and other apps, but it also activates a set of apps and services on the handset.To activate these services, you’ll need to activate […]

How to watch Capitalone’s latest comedy ‘Hip Hop’ in a mobile browser

The clip above, showing the clip above Capitalone Comedy’s latest hit ‘Hips Hop’, is available to watch in a desktop browser.This means you can watch it on any Android phone or tablet running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later.Capitalone […]

How to get your child to do ‘Galaxy Active 2’ with a new Galaxy Active 2 app

We’re excited to announce the first Galaxy Active 3, the latest generation of our award-winning Activity Lock.As a member of the Global Galaxy Active family, the new app is an integral part of our family-friendly Galaxy platform.With Galaxy Active, you […]

Fandang Onow’s ‘Velvet’ and ‘Voyager’ are both winners at the MTV Video Music Awards

VICTORIA, British Columbia — On Friday night, a few days after VOD became the new way to stream video content, the MTV VMA awards kicked off their 16th year of ceremony, featuring some of the most popular shows of the […]