Natgeo-Vivint, Amax, Amcor join forces to create an innovative network for data analytics and data-driven advertising

The Globe and Mail article Natgeotiv, Amctheatre, AmCor and Amcor’s Amax are joining forces to launch a new digital ad technology that can analyze and generate revenue from the vast majority of the world’s data.The companies announced Thursday that they […]

‘Terrifying’: ‘It was just like being hit by a truck’: Police investigate the brutal attack in Melbourne’s north-west

Police are investigating the brutal assault on a motorcyclist in Melbourne in the early hours of this morning.Key points:The motorcyclists injuries include serious and life-threatening injuriesThe victim’s friend is also believed to have been injuredThe victim has been released from […]

When Samsung Watch Gets a $200,000 Upgrade to a 4K Ultra HD 4K TV, It Could Be the Best Android TV Purchase Ever

When Samsung’s Gear 360 Watch came out in March of 2014, its 4K resolution and motion sensing allowed it to capture 360 degree video and display it on your TV.But after that, Samsung stopped making the Gear 360 and announced […]