When Samsung Watch Gets a $200,000 Upgrade to a 4K Ultra HD 4K TV, It Could Be the Best Android TV Purchase Ever

When Samsung’s Gear 360 Watch came out in March of 2014, its 4K resolution and motion sensing allowed it to capture 360 degree video and display it on your TV.

But after that, Samsung stopped making the Gear 360 and announced the Gear VR, which replaced it in 2018.

The Gear VR was a bit more than a glorified VR headset, though it was a lot like the Samsung Gear 360: an impressive piece of tech that allowed you to record 360-degree video and play it on an OLED display.

But while the Gear 4’s $300,000 price tag wasn’t a deal breaker for many, it wasn’t exactly a steal for some.

In January, Samsung announced that it was offering the Gear Gear VR with a 4k display for $199.99, making it the cheapest 4k TV on the market at the time.

With Samsung finally dropping the price tag for the Gear Rift, the Gear 3, and the Gear 2 VR headsets, there’s no reason the Gear4 should be any less expensive.

It’s still a good price, but Samsung has improved the design and ergonomics of the GearVR over the Gear3 and Gear 2, and it’s a much better value.

But the Gear-powered Samsung Gear 4 still has its drawbacks.

Samsung says it will continue to make improvements to the GearOS, which it claims will deliver even better experiences than the Gear360 did, but it also says the Gear5 will be a completely new operating system with more of a focus on hardware and software.

For some of you, the most compelling reason to buy a Samsung Gear VR is because of the price.

You could easily spend $300 on a Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S8+ Max, or Galaxy Note 8, and you’re going to get the best experience out of that phone or tablet.

For many, though, a GearVR is a smart buy because it’s just as powerful as the Gear devices they’ve grown to love over the past few years.

Samsung has made it possible to create a high-end gaming rig with the Gear S9, which has more than double the processing power of the Galaxy S9 Plus.

But a big part of what makes Samsung GearVR compelling is that it can be used to watch content on the go.

The Samsung Gear4 offers a ton of features, from a new interface that can be controlled via voice and a redesigned UI to a new camera app that lets you zoom in and out on your videos and videos you’ve already shot.

That’s a big deal for a company that’s been focusing on making its devices more powerful and more affordable, and a feature that’s not available on the Gear2, Gear3, or Gear VR.

But Samsung has also been able to make some other notable improvements to its Gear VR experience.

In 2018, the company announced a new, improved version of its Gear OS that makes it easier for users to update to new versions of the operating system.

Samsung also updated its own apps for the device, bringing the new app launcher to the phone and making it easier to navigate through the settings on your Gear VR device.

There are some new features that the Gear has been missing, too.

Samsung doesn’t have an easy way to change the display brightness or a way to adjust how much the screen shows on the device.

But you can now turn on and off the camera and microphone, which are both useful features for many people.

The biggest change for me has been the way that Samsung has updated the user interface of the phone, which is where most of the improvements are made.

The interface is more fluid, with icons, buttons, and options for everything from changing how the phone looks to adding more settings to your phone.

And you can customize the phone to be more comfortable for people who might be using a larger phone, like an iPhone or Galaxy S6 Plus.

Samsung’s updated Gear VR offers a lot more power than its Gear 2-powered siblings, but the company also improved on the phone’s software experience and made it a bit easier to get into.

The company has made a ton more improvements to Gear VR software since it announced the 4K display in March.

Samsung is still working on the latest version of Gear VR OS, and we’ll have more information on that when we hear more about it.

But for now, it’s hard to imagine a Gear VR without the new Gear interface, and if you’re a big fan of Samsung’s devices, this is a good buy.

Samsung Gear is an incredibly powerful device, and Samsung’s new Gear VR will make it even more powerful.

But it’s also one of the best value VR headsets on the planet.