iPhone 5S battery life issues, iPhone 6 Plus leaks

Apple announced a slew of new devices this week, including a pair of iPhones and a 6 Plus, both of which are expected to hit stores in early November.

We all know how difficult battery life is for smartphones, but a couple of weeks ago, a new issue with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S devices was discovered that could cause a significant battery drain when paired with active software releases.

Apple has since patched the issue, but as we mentioned in our review of the devices, the iPhone 5s battery drain is a major issue.

According to our test device, the phone’s performance in all modes has dropped by 30 percent, with the most dramatic drop occurring on the first night the device was in use, after which it dropped by 50 percent and returned to baseline.

The problem, as Apple explains in a lengthy statement to Ars, was a bug in the iPhone’s Power Management software.

The software, which is the only piece of Apple’s iOS software that is designed to work with iPhones, is designed specifically to work on iPhones with low-powered processors and has been in use on the iPhone for about a year.

This bug was first discovered in iOS 8, and since then, Apple has fixed the problem in the latest versions of iOS and macOS, which means the iPhone now has a 100 percent battery when it’s not actively used.

We don’t yet know what causes the problem, but Apple did note that the iPhone has a battery capacity of 1.6 milliwatts per square inch, which roughly equates to around 300 miles of battery life.

The iPhone 5 was not affected by the bug, but the iPhone 4s did experience a battery drain after the first day the phone was in its charger.

This problem was also found on the 6s, which we previously tested, but it was a bit more severe.

The same issue with iOS 8 has also been found on other iOS devices.

In fact, the problem has been found across all iPhone models.

In our test devices, it affected all of them, including the iPhone X, which came out last week.

The issue is more severe on the latest iPhones, because Apple hasn’t yet released a fix for it, so we’re not sure what kind of performance issues have been caused by the issue.

We are aware of a report that an iPhone 6+ with the same bug has seen a 50 percent battery drain on a single day.