How to use the PLO TV network to watch Israel’s news

The PLOTV satellite service, launched on June 26, was the first PLO television network in Israel.

It has been used by Israeli politicians and Israeli activists, as well as journalists, to distribute information and views on the conflict with Gaza.

The program was recently expanded, and now reaches more than half of the country’s households.

PLOtv is not affiliated with the PLOs political wing, the Islamist militant group, the Freedom Party (FPL), which has been in power in Israel for several years.

It is the first time the PLoS television channel has been launched outside Israel.

The PLoS TV channel has become a popular target for the Israeli army, which has accused the PLOS television network of broadcasting anti-Israel material.

Israel’s military has also arrested several PLO activists and activists and accused them of inciting violence.

The government is using PLOS TV to try to shut down the channel and arrest the PLo activists.

The Israeli government’s use of PLOSTV to silence dissent is part of a strategy of suppressing information and opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The new PLO media is part the strategy to silence and intimidate Palestinians, said Adel Gvasalia, the head of the political research institute at the Herzliya University.

The army’s strategy of controlling information and media has a lot of similarities with what was done in the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

In the 1980s, the KGB was in the midst of building a new media apparatus.

It set up the first independent TV channel in the country, Kommunistya, which was based in Moscow.

It was funded by the KGB and it was aimed at counteracting Western influence in the USSR.

In Israel, the PLOTSTV program is an example of the strategy of silencing and controlling information in a country where almost half the population are Muslims.

The police and the military have been using the PLOTTV to monitor and harass political dissidents, including members of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), the political wing of Hamas.

During the Gaza war, the Israeli government has accused PLOS of broadcasting videos that glorified the terrorist group, Hamas.

The IDF has accused its enemies of carrying out the terror attacks.

The PA, which is not recognized by Israel, has accused Israel of carrying them out.

The media blackout has had a devastating effect on the economy of the PLos political wing.

It led to an economic collapse of more than a million jobs and has led to millions of refugees.

Israel has accused Hamas of inciting the attacks.

As a result, PLOS has been shut down by the Israeli authorities, which have demanded that it be turned into a state-owned media company.

PLOTS TV has not been able to obtain a license to broadcast the programming.

PLOS is now operating out of the offices of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the ministry that administers the PLOD and PLOD TV programs.

It will broadcast its programs in English, Arabic, Hebrew and Russian.

The ministry has refused to allow PLOTtv to use its offices, citing an agreement signed by the PLOP and PLO in 2008 to allow the PLOTO network to operate as a private company.

The agreement states that PLOT TV will operate in a way that “creates a state company, in which the state shall maintain the control of the content, the financial management and the technical services of the network.”

But the ministry has not approved PLOT’s request to start broadcasting in English and the PLOY TV has refused.

The Palestinian Authority has accused Israeli forces of carryingout the attacks in Gaza, and has called for the immediate investigation of the attacks by the International Criminal Court.

In a statement issued on June 27, the PA accused Israel and its allies of committing crimes against humanity, and said that PLOS and PLOT had used the Gaza attacks to spread propaganda that the Israeli military and security forces were responsible for the attacks and that Hamas was behind them.

The statement also claimed that PLOTS television broadcast propaganda that blamed Hamas for the Gaza violence.