When Youre a Serial Killer: All Things Active, Not Active, Live, or Die

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[+941, -13] Is there anyone who hasn’t been stalked or harassed on the internet?

Theres a good chance this is true for most of us. 2.

[+766, -20] If you’re looking for something fun to do, there’s something here for you.


[+664, -30]  I’m pretty sure this is not just a rumor, but actually a fact.

 You could go to the mall, go to a park, go anywhere and be stalked and harassed for hours, and not get any sleep.


[+610, -26]  What a horrible place to live, to be a human being.


[+539, -28] I think we need to get out and enjoy our lives, like, really enjoy our life.


[+526, -17] You’re not just living in a place of constant anxiety, you’re living in this constant state of anxiety.


[+523, -21] I’ve seen people going to the movies to relax and relax, but that doesn’t mean they’re not being stalked.


[+271, -10] I’m not saying we need more mass shootings, but we need mass suicides.


[+241, -12] I don’t think we have to live in a world where everyone has a camera and you can follow their every move.


[+239, -9]