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I have two boys.

My husband and I live in an old home with two bedrooms.

I had never considered a home-sharing program for our family before.

I was worried that we might be too stressed out and worried about what we could lose if we stopped sharing.

But when we were asked to take the program on, it was so easy and I had such confidence in it.

The kids and I were all so excited about sharing a home with a new family member.

It made us feel good to share, we loved it.

I’ve never felt more connected to my kids and so much happier.

I have been doing home-share programs with my kids since I was about 16, and I have no regrets.

But it has been challenging.

And I think it has gotten to the point where people are so frustrated with how they are treated that they are actually looking to get away from sharing.

How to get your kids on board with a shared home When I started the program, I didn’t expect it to be such a big deal for my boys.

I knew that they loved the idea of living in a shared house.

But I was surprised to learn that it was not a popular choice for many families.

While the idea that my boys would be living in an apartment with other kids in the neighborhood is great for them, they weren’t excited about being out of the house with other families.

They were apprehensive about their new neighbors and about whether or not they would be safe in their new apartment.

They felt unsafe because they would feel like they were leaving home.

But they weren, and now they have a lot more freedom than they ever imagined they would.

How can we help our boys get on board?

It’s a challenge because the parents in my program have been supportive of the program.

They are so helpful, but they are also very clear that they don’t want to lose their kids to the program or to the other homes.

They also have a clear idea of what is in it for them.

I think the biggest challenge is that most of my families, especially in our small-town area, have very high levels of drug and alcohol use.

So the family is divided, which is really hard for them to deal with.

How do we help them navigate the new homes they are entering?

I think they have to be able to see their children in the new place, because they don,t want to be separated from their children.

We have seen that in many families where families are divided and there is not a lot of shared space, the children don’t feel comfortable in the shared spaces.

But most families in the program live in a home they are comfortable with, and they have good relationships with the people in their own homes.

When we talk to the families that have taken on the program and asked them how they felt about sharing, I’ve heard similar stories.

I know that some families are having a hard time accepting that sharing has taken on a new meaning.

But in many cases, families are being able to accept it and are starting to see it as a new, normal thing for them as their kids get older.

How does a shared family feel about being on the other side of sharing?

They love the idea and they love sharing.

I love it.

They don’t really want to share with people they don’st know, but the fact that they feel comfortable with their children being able go out to the neighbors is amazing.

They feel like that is part of the family.

But sometimes, I think some families can’t get their heads around sharing with strangers.

Some families are scared to share and are looking to go outside of the shared house and have conversations with their kids.

They want to know what the neighbors think about the kids going outside.

They see it differently, but I think for some, sharing is the only way to feel like their kids are safe.

How is a shared program working for you?

Most of my programs are done in the summer and fall, so we are seeing a lot younger families, mostly in their teens, come in.

They’re interested in getting involved.

We are seeing them get into the program with a big open mind and with lots of open hearts.

And the kids love it!

They love sharing their homes with strangers, but not necessarily with their own parents.

That’s a big shift.

When my kids started the home-sharing program, they had no idea that they would actually be sharing.

They have no idea what to expect when they are out and about with friends.

So it’s been great for me and my family to be part of this new lifestyle that they’re so excited to start.

I want to continue the program for the rest of my life.

What are some of the challenges that families have faced as they have transitioned to the new housing?

We were initially told that we had to be very careful because of our age.

But we have found out that our older kids and some of our younger kids are quite comfortable sharing