Facebook activity log updated with more than 50 million posts

Posted October 09, 2018 04:14:37Facebook activity log is the third most visited site on the site, after the Facebook logo and news feed, with over 50 million page views.

The site is updated weekly, and the top news and content are posted to the top stories page every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The top stories of the day are posted on Thursday, and each day contains three top stories.

The website shows the top 5 most popular stories of each day in the US and Europe.

The average post count in the first 24 hours of every day is about 1.1 million, with an average post length of over 2 minutes.

The site also has a section for users to discuss and share content with each other.

This is where users can ask questions, share content, and post a comment.

A user can also comment on posts with up to 10 replies.

Users can create their own comments, or create a new comment with a link.

Commenting is the most popular way for users on Facebook to share content.

The most common types of comments are ones about what a person is doing, about a specific topic, or the company’s name.

Commenters can add their own information, and add links to their own posts.

Commentors can also add to a page if they want to discuss the topic.

There is also a “read” function where users are able to see other users’ posts and comments.

The most popular topics for commenting are politics, business, sports, travel, fashion, and travel.

It is interesting to note that the top topics for discussion on Facebook are sports, music, and movies.

The topics that are the most talked about are technology, politics, and gaming.

People can also ask questions on topics they find interesting, like what the weather is like in the area they live in, what are some of the best foods in the world, and how is it that you feel about the weather.

A “like” button is also provided for users, allowing them to share their experiences with others.

It allows them to interact with their friends, and lets them share their opinions with their peers.

Users are also able to create their very own comment threads on the Facebook News Feed, where they can post their thoughts.