What you need to know about Verizon’s prepaid activations for Verizon Wireless customers

Verizon Wireless has activated over 4.7 million prepaid credit and debit cards, including those from Apple, Google, Amazon, Starbucks and others, the company announced today.

That’s an increase of nearly 50 percent from last year.

Verizon said it is also in the process of adding more new prepaid cards to its list of authorized prepaid cards.

The company said it has received more than 4.3 million applications for activations.

Verizon’s prepaid cardholders can now use any prepaid credit or debit card with the company’s prepaid plans and are eligible to receive a $10 rebate for every $1 spent.

For the most part, that rebate is valid for one year.

But for some customers, Verizon may waive the rebate for some prepaid cards that are eligible for it.

For example, for customers who have two or more prepaid cards, Verizon’s rebate is waived for all of them.

For some customers who are already on a prepaid plan, they can get a rebate for up to $5.00 per $1 of spending on eligible purchases.

Verizon will also waive the activation fee for any prepaid card that is not an eligible prepaid card.

If you’re interested in the Verizon prepaid card program, you can check out the company website to see if your prepaid card is eligible.

If not, the offer is available online until November 1.

The promo ends on Nov. 14.

Verizon Wireless is offering the same rebate on its new $35 credit and prepaid card called “Verizon Free,” which comes with free phone calls, text messaging and voice calls to and from your phone number.

The prepaid card offers a $35 introductory rate and the option to pay a monthly fee of $5 per month.

Customers will also get a $5 statement credit when they sign up for the program.

For the first three months of the plan, Verizon Free cards have a $50 introductory rate.

For a six-month subscription, customers will pay $50 per month for the first year and $100 per month thereafter.

If the first four months of a six month subscription are used up, the fee will increase to $60 per month or $150 per year, respectively.

The $50 fee is only for the initial six months.

Verify prepaid card activation optionsThe new prepaid card, Verizon Fido, is a one-time, annual renewal program.

If you have a Verizon Fido card, you are eligible if you make a purchase of $10 or more within the first 30 days of the card’s activation.

This means that you can activate your card for a full 12 months.

You can also cancel your Verizon Fids and then return your card to Verizon, which will activate it for a new payment cycle.

For customers who activate the card before their card expires, Verizon will not charge them a new renewal fee.

In addition to being eligible for the free one-year plan, you’ll also get $5 off your next monthly bill with the Verizon Fis.

For more details, see the company site.