How to get your child to do ‘Galaxy Active 2’ with a new Galaxy Active 2 app

We’re excited to announce the first Galaxy Active 3, the latest generation of our award-winning Activity Lock.

As a member of the Global Galaxy Active family, the new app is an integral part of our family-friendly Galaxy platform.

With Galaxy Active, you can set up the device to automatically lock and unlock at specific times of the day.

We call this the “Galaxy Lock”.

This new app also features an additional feature called “Galactic Active 3”.

It allows you to switch between different levels of Galaxy Lock functionality.

For example, you could use Galaxy Lock to lock the screen when the device is asleep, or you could set Galaxy Lock up to unlock at any time.

In addition, Galaxy Active can be used to control your smartphone with a simple gesture.

With Galaxy Active you can select an activity on the lock screen and then activate the activity.

Once activated, your phone will be locked, and the screen will turn off and you will be asked for a password.

Once you’ve entered the password, the activity will start.

You can also set up a timer for a particular activity.

To do this, you’ll need to use the “Activity Lock” feature.

This will let you set up an “Activity Timer”.

You’ll then need to activate the timer.

You’ll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.

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