Why the GOP is still not going after immigration reform

A look at why the GOP still isn’t going after border security:The GOP is currently trying to pass legislation to curb illegal immigration.

The bill has a bipartisan vote in the House, but it has stalled because the Senate is not expected to act until March of 2019.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is currently scheduled to hold hearings on the bill on Tuesday, but no one is certain when they will hold them.

If the bill fails to clear the Senate, the next best thing would be a bipartisan immigration reform bill.

The last such bipartisan bill that came to the floor was the Gang of Eight’s bill in 2015.

The Gang of 8 bill, which had bipartisan support, was an ambitious proposal that included a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

But it failed to garner enough support to pass in the Senate.

This bill would also create a pathway to citizenship, with an expedited path to permanent residency, for illegal aliens who are caught attempting to re-enter the United States.

That would be an important step in stopping the tide of illegal immigration and protecting the American people.

It is likely that the bill would receive strong bipartisan support from both chambers of Congress.

However, there are three major issues with this bill.

First, it doesn’t have a path-to-citizenship for illegal border crossers.

It does not include a pathway for those caught attempting re-entry.

And the Senate Judiciary committee is currently holding hearings on a bill that would create such a pathway.

Second, the Senate has not even set a deadline for voting on the legislation.

If it passes and the House does not take up the bill, the bill will not pass the Senate in 2019.

Third, the House Judiciary Committee has been dragging its feet on hearings on this legislation, because the House GOP has not been able to agree on any amendments to the bill that will be sufficient to satisfy the Senate’s concerns about border security.

If the bill is not passed in the first half of 2019, the chances are the House will pass it, and it could become law without the Senate taking any action on it.

The Gang of eight bill has bipartisan support.

In 2015, it passed the Senate and was signed into law by President Trump.

The House did not take it up until March 2019, but in that time it passed other immigration bills, including the Gang and Anti-Defamation Act.

The bill was one of the major legislative achievements of the Obama administration, which pushed for the construction of a border wall and the construction, funding, and operation of a detention center for illegal migrants.

The President and the Republicans who supported the bill have not been as enthusiastic about the Senate bill.

In 2015, Trump told reporters that the Senate was not going to give a vote on his legislation because they had not given it any consideration.

“I think that it was very clear they were not going see any support from the House,” Trump said.

“They were not seeing any support.

I don’t think we’re going to see any votes from the Senate.”

The Senate is expected to hold a hearing on the Senate Gang of East, which has bipartisan agreement.

The committee is expected the hearing will begin Tuesday.