When you can’t use your smartphone outdoors without getting a message

Active transportation can be tricky for people with diabetes, but some are getting a bit of a break from their phones.

One man is using his smartphone to activate his bike’s remote control to help him find his way.

On Wednesday, a Facebook user named Andrew Miller, from the UK, posted a video of himself using his phone to turn on a remote for his bike.

He explained that he had been cycling with his mobile phone to help his mother take care of her daughter.

“It’s really useful to have something in your pocket to keep track of where you are.

I use it on my phone to activate my bike’s electronic control system and then when I need to find my way home, it’s there for me,” he said.”

If I want to go somewhere on my bike and need help, I can use my phone and tell my mum where to park, I just use the GPS on my smartphone.”

The user, who does not want to be named, is using a smart phone to control his bike in the video, which shows him turning on the bike’s digital controls and turning the bike on, turning the lights on, and turning on his mobile’s GPS.

The bike’s controller uses sensors to determine where the user is and when he needs to turn his bike on.

“You can also use your phone to use GPS navigation to find your way to the nearest bike shop,” Andrew explained.

“I’ve had this on my bicycle for two years now and I’ve only been using it for a few days now, so I don’t know if it’s fully functional yet.”

But it’s pretty fun and I’m really happy with how it’s working out.

“The app works on iOS and Android and it’s really easy to use and it also has lots of features, like how many steps you take, how fast you go, how much power you get and so on.”

Andrew, who is diabetic and is not overweight, said that he would be keen to use the app on other devices, as well as smartphones.

“One of the great things about using my phone is that it can give me location information that other phones won’t, and also it can show you what road conditions are like, so it can help me if I need help,” he added.

Andrew said he was not using the app because he did not want the app to interfere with his phone’s GPS, but rather because he wanted to use it with a smartwatch.

“Having the app there can give you extra information like when you need to get to your next stop, where you’re going and so forth.”

However, if I’m using it on a smartphone, it’ll also let me see my progress and give me reminders of where I’m going, so that’s useful for me as well.

“He said he had used the app once before, but it was not working.”

With my watch, I would just use it and it would give me a location of the nearest place I needed to go, but I can’t really use my watch with the app,” he explained.

Andrew’s story has been shared on the social media platform more than 60,000 times.