Fandang Onow’s ‘Velvet’ and ‘Voyager’ are both winners at the MTV Video Music Awards

VICTORIA, British Columbia — On Friday night, a few days after VOD became the new way to stream video content, the MTV VMA awards kicked off their 16th year of ceremony, featuring some of the most popular shows of the year.

It was a strong performance from the two-time Grammy Award winner Vocaloid artist K.I.N.A.K. (Kirin) and the reigning YouTube sensation PixivArtist Fantastic Furry Animals (Furry), who received the award for “Best Video Game Song.”

The two-year awards were held at the Microsoft Theater in Vancouver, British Colombia, and saw the likes of Vocaloids, Podcasts, Game Music, and Video Game Art all make it to the big screen.

With Velvet being nominated for best video game song, K.

I,N.K., Fantasy, and Pilot being nominated and winning the best game music award, Vocaloid fans have had a lot to look forward to.

But, the most exciting moment of the night came when the winner of the award, the popular Vocalist, KI, N.

K, announced her victory for Best Video Game Music.

K.A., who is also known as F.I., is one of the biggest vocaloids in the world and is recognized worldwide for her vocal performances.

She is also the founder and lead vocalist of Festival Kiranica.

When Ki, N.-K.

and Fy-K.

came together to create their debut album, Kirin (Vocaloids) (FyK, Fyrinnae, Nelly Furtado) in 2016, the band was given a prestigious award by MTV VMAA and the video for their song The Power of Love (which was featured on KIRIN) was also nominated for an MTV Video Video Music Award.

The video for The power of love (Kirin) is a tribute to the power of music in a positive way.

“Kirin is an inspiration to us,” Karin said in a video for the video.

“The power that music gives us is a positive force that helps us overcome all the challenges of life.

And, I feel like I have to say that I feel empowered every time I sing this song.

So thank you to all of you for making this song a success.”

Fy N-K went on to give a heartfelt speech during the show.

“I’m a very passionate person.

I feel it’s very important to use my voice and my music to empower people,” Fyd N.-K said.

“But, I also think it’s important to be positive and kind.

And I think that’s something that Kiri and Fiy N. K are passionate about and that’s why I think FY N K deserves this award.

So, thank you for that. And Kira and Fy  N. B. For that.”