NFL owners ask NFL to stop playing game, stop playing games

NFL owners are calling for a federal investigation into the National Football League, and they are also urging the league to stop play of its games.

The issue has become a flashpoint in the ongoing dispute between owners and the league’s players over the role of the league in promoting and rewarding players and their families.

The NFLPA filed a complaint in court Monday, alleging that the league has failed to comply with a 2014 consent decree that prohibits teams from promoting the “unhealthy lifestyle” of players in a manner that benefits their own teams.

The league is facing a number of legal problems as it struggles to comply.

On Tuesday, the league filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

A statement from NFL owners said the league is reviewing the lawsuit and will respond in the appropriate manner.

The agreement came amid reports that the NFL has been exploring whether to implement a “sanctuary” policy that would allow teams to continue to play games if they received federal grant money.

The league said the plan is not in place.

On Monday, a federal judge in New York agreed to temporarily halt enforcement of the consent decree, which requires the league and teams to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

The NFLPA said the court’s ruling was a setback for the players and that the court was “clearly misreading the facts.”

The NFL said it had no comment.

The consent decree is a key part of a $3 billion settlement reached between the NFL and players last year.

The two sides reached the agreement after the NFL suspended the league for a period of time in 2014 after an investigation into a player’s sexual assault claims.