Samsung’s AR Activity app turns off its own camera when you leave the house

The Samsung Watch 2 and Galaxy S8 are both powered by a new version of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, but they’re also both powered up with an extra feature that gives you an extra camera on your wrist that you can use as an additional mode.

When you activate it on the Watch 2, the camera automatically turns off to let you use it as an extra mode in the Watch app.

In the case of the S8, it turns on to let your watch automatically turn on when you turn your phone on.

To activate it, go to the settings menu, tap on the “gear” icon, and then tap on “watch” (without a space between “watch”).

Once activated, you’ll see a new section under “watch mode” where you can select the option to turn off the camera.

You can do this by going into the “settings” menu again, and tapping on “camera” from the list.

If you’re using the S 8, you can tap on it, and you’ll get a prompt to “Turn off the Samsung Watch camera” to let the camera off.

You’ll be prompted again for an optional second set of settings.

These are very similar to the camera settings on the S6, which I’ve mentioned before, and they’re similar to what you’d get on the Galaxy Note.

If your watch’s camera turns off while you’re doing something else, you just need to go back to the “watch setting” section and tap on that option.

You may have noticed that you have a new “watch camera” setting on the watch, too, which turns off when you put your phone in the pocket.

This is a feature that’s been available on the Samsung Gear S8 and S8+ since September, but only on the Note 8.

To get the camera to turn on while you are out of your pocket, you need to turn it off while on the phone in your pocket.

To turn it on while on your phone, you simply need to tap on any photo on your screen, and the camera will turn on.

It’s not quite the same as the feature found on the Gear S7, which only turned on when it was in your phone’s pocket.

If there’s a second camera on the wrist, you will need to get back on your watch to turn that off.

While I’m sure there will be more changes to this feature on the next update to the Samsung Note, the fact that it’s on the newest model is pretty cool.

You also get this new feature by default with the Gear s8, and it’s actually one of the best features that Samsung has made for the watch yet.

It really makes the watch feel like it’s a more useful device, as it can take photos and videos while you wear it.

It can be used for apps, and also for music and videos, and in the case I was using the Samsung Music app, it automatically synced my music to my watch when I was offline.

I’m a huge fan of Samsung Pay, so I’m excited to see what features will come with the next version of the Gear.