Paranormal Activity 3: ‘The story is so weird, you have to stop and wonder what happened’

Paranormal activity game The Witness has just topped the sales charts for the first week of release, with sales of more than a million units on the first day of sales.

The game has already earned nearly $50 million at the time of writing, putting it on track for another million by the end of the week.

That puts The Witness in first place among all new releases in the Top 20 on the PlayStation Store, according to GamesIndustry International’s sales tracker.

Paranormal Activity games have been a popular hit for Sony and the company has enjoyed an overall success rate of 96.9% with a cumulative sales of $3.4 billion for the year.

While the game has had a strong launch in North America, the game’s worldwide sales have also been strong.

Sales of The Witness were also good on the Xbox 360, which sold almost 13 million units and surpassed the sales of its predecessor, The Last of Us.

Parannormal Activity: Origins launched on the PS3 on August 26, 2017 and launched on PS4 in November.

The sequel is scheduled to arrive on the PC on November 27, 2017.