India, China to sign agreement on internet and TV services, digital payments

India and China are set to sign an agreement on digital payments and online services.

Under the agreement, the two countries will each set up a new joint venture with the aim of developing digital payments, online video services and e-commerce platforms.

A senior official from the Indian side of the agreement told Reuters India and Chinese officials will be signing the agreement at a summit in Shanghai on Monday.

The announcement is expected to come after the leaders of the two economies met on Tuesday to discuss a joint project to address India’s increasing internet and mobile penetration and to develop an open internet platform.

India and China have been locked in a trade dispute over the disputed Doklam plateau in the Himalayan region, which is claimed by both countries.

India has threatened to impose a border ban on Chinese nationals living in its territory, while China says it is ready to settle the border dispute by “peaceful means”.