Which shorts to watch in this season of ABC News active shorts

Active shorts are available for purchase on the ABC News website for $1.99 per month, a deal that is subject to change depending on your current ABC News subscription. 

The price for active shorts in the past has ranged from $1 to $9 per month.

But, after the launch of ABC’s new daytime programming in the fall, active shorts are now priced at $1 per month for ABC News viewers. 

On the ABC, active time slots are typically shown on daytime and nighttime newscasts, with the exception of daytime. 

ABC has also launched a new daytime lineup, beginning Friday, featuring all the daytime and evening news programs, plus ABC News and ABC News Live, which is a new product from ABC News that highlights a live event on a TV channel. 

A prime time lineup of primetime and evening newscast programs from ABC will debut on Nov. 15. 

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