Teenager accused of ‘disrespecting the flag’ for wearing MAGA hat in protest

A 17-year-old teenager has been charged with a hate crime for wearing a MAGA-style hat during a protest outside of a London store, police said on Wednesday.

The boy was wearing a white MAGA mask during the demonstration in front of a clothing store in the city’s Southwark area, London’s Metropolitan Police said.

The teen’s lawyer said his client was “disrespectful to the flag”.

Magazin London, the shop owner, said on Twitter the teen was wearing the mask when he arrived for work at 11am on Monday and the protest began shortly after.

The shop owner added: “We are saddened that anyone would wear a mask like this during such a peaceful protest.”

The teen was charged with public order offences and is due to appear at Westminster magistrates court on February 18.

A spokeswoman for Southwark Crown Court said the teenager was “very upset” about the incident and had apologised.

She said police were not able to identify the boy at the time.

Magazina London said it was an “honourable” protest and had no intention of offending anyone.

The store has since banned the boy from entering the premises, the spokesperson said.

MagAZIN London has also suspended its online store from the store.

Earlier this month, a 14-year old boy was charged in connection with the incident, while a 16-year age student was also arrested in connection.

Magazain London was set up in the late 1990s to promote British fashion and accessories.