How Capitalone’s Capitalone activation energy works

Capitalone activated the stock market at $19.85 per share for the first time in its history, the stock’s biggest price increase since October, with the shares gaining more than 10 percent in the past year. 

In addition to the stock price increase, Capitalone has also boosted its dividend by more than 4 percent this year, which is more than triple its dividend in 2015.

Capitalone CEO Stephen Schulman has also said that he will make more changes to his compensation package this year.

“We will be increasing our incentive pay, as well as increasing the stock options that we have available,” Schulmen told Fox Business in a conference call Thursday.

“And the new program will provide some additional flexibility to our board, and we’ll continue to enhance our programs to help us grow and grow our business and grow shareholder value.”

Schulman also noted that Capitalone is in the midst of a “transformation” that will see the company invest more in its digital initiatives and expand into other areas of growth, like healthcare.

The company will be “moving aggressively” into new areas of health care, including its healthcare-related business, CapitalOne CEO Stephen Schwarzman said on Thursday.

Schulmen also said Capitalone will continue to grow its financial services and will expand its global reach with new investment opportunities in health care.