Natgeo-Vivint, Amax, Amcor join forces to create an innovative network for data analytics and data-driven advertising

The Globe and Mail article Natgeotiv, Amctheatre, AmCor and Amcor’s Amax are joining forces to launch a new digital ad technology that can analyze and generate revenue from the vast majority of the world’s data.

The companies announced Thursday that they will begin working together in the next few months, with Amcor taking the lead on the new business and Natgeov providing a set of key data-analytics technologies.

“Our goal is to build an industry leader in the analytics space and a platform for connecting the industry to customers,” said Natgeor V. Shtad, CEO of Amcor, which is owned by the French telecom giant.

The new technology will allow marketers to use analytics to target ads to users based on their geographic location and interests, as well as on their purchase history.

“It’s a very simple way to track your customers and understand their behavior,” said Andrew Sjoberg, president of Amex, which will become a partner.

“It’s an easy way to understand where your users are coming from.”

The company will also partner with a host of other companies, including IBM, Microsoft and Microsoft Ventures, to provide the new analytics technology.

“We are very excited to be working with Natgeots team to develop this innovative technology and build a platform that will be the platform for the next wave of growth in the ad industry,” said Amex CEO Jeroen V. De Vries.

Amax is the world leader in ad technology.

It sells data analytics to more than 200 companies worldwide and offers the most sophisticated platform for data analysis available on the market.

Its Amcor partner is Amax Ventures, which owns the global leader in data analytics.

The two companies said that they intend to combine their services to create a new data platform that would provide advertisers with a single, integrated platform for analyzing and generating revenue.

Amex is the first company to partner with Amax.

Amax has long been one of the leaders in data-intensive advertising, including its data-powered advertising technology, AmEx-Optimize.

Amex also has a portfolio of data-focused ad services, including Amax-Optimate.

Amcor is an international technology leader and an innovator in the data-enabled advertising space.

Its technology enables advertisers to create, analyse and monetize digital data for an unlimited number of campaigns.

Amctheatren, which sells data-aware data analytics, offers AdSense to clients in more than 120 countries.

It provides analytics and insight for over 70% of its total user base.

Amcthere, which provides digital ad and digital data management, offers an in-house data analytics platform that enables brands to manage their digital advertising.

Amcviti, an analytics company, is a global leader with a wide-ranging product portfolio, including data analytics products that include its Amcthare, which enables brands and marketers to manage digital ads, and Amcvivi, which offers ad-based analytics.

The Amax and Amctherpurs partnerships are just the latest in a series of moves by the companies to strengthen their digital ad business.

Last month, Amex signed an agreement with Google to use its data analytics services to help it target ads for users in its Google Shopping and Google AdWords communities.

The companies also announced an agreement in October to create new data-based ad offerings, including a new ad-driven analytics platform, which they said will be available to marketers in the near future.

In addition to the Amax deal, Natgeost and Amco will join forces this year to launch Amctherev, a new advertising platform that helps advertisers understand and monetise the data they collect from consumers and consumers’ devices.

Natgeote is also launching a new marketing platform to provide advertisers the ability to target their advertising campaigns on a personalized basis.